Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks

How play can turn hands healthy

Absolutely love this case, which I spotted during the D&AD Festival in London. On Children’s Day, Savlon India introduced their playful solution “Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks” to encourage hygiene and hand washing among children. The initiative brings fond memories of similar examples where fun or play is used to change behaviours like VW’s Fun Theory, The Play Pumps or Nivea’s Sun slide.

We all know it’s difficult to change behaviours, this initiative create a symbiosis with a behaviour the children are already doing: playing with chalk sticks. The Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks are created with soap-like cleansers. Children in primary schools use chalks to write and learn and by the end of the day their hands are full of chalk powder. The Healthy Hands Chalk Stick powder turns into soap and lathers when in contact with water. This ensures children’s hands are cleaned hygienically – and the great thing is, they don’t even have to change their behaviour. In most primary schools lessons are followed by a midday meal break. Many children either do not wash their hands or do not wash with soap before eating resulting in hygiene-related illnesses like diarrhea and upset stomach.

Video Case:

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