Grey India launches Gillette #ShavingStereotypes

The film shows the everyday life in the village seen from a young boy. Based on the insight “children learn from what they see”, the boy notices how the gender roles are clearly defined in society. He’s watching how men get to earn money or participate in sports, women are restricted to household chores. 

When the young boy accompanies his father to a barbershop, he sees two girls working in the barbershop, which obviously surprises him. When he asks his father why girls can shave men, he answers that a razor wouldn’t know the difference between a boy and a girl. 

After that, the film moves to the two girls working in the barbershop. The two sisters are showing how they have challenged gender stereotyping in India by running their father’s barbershop. Because of their father and their fellow villagers support, the Indian village is setting the right example to inspire the next generation: because children do learn from what they see. 

The music accompanying the campaign film is inspired by the Sohar – a traditional folk song that is often sung to celebrate the birth of a boy. In this film, there is a twist in the lyrics to tell how the birth of a girl should be celebrated too. Because even a young girl can now change the family’s fortune. 

“Gillette, as a progressive man’s brand, believes in and propagates topics that are relevant to raising and inspiring the future generation of men. And with this campaign and a powerful message like #ShavingStereotypes, Gillette drives home a point that has utmost relevance in the times we live in. The boys watching today need inspiring role models so that they grow up to be better men,” Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Chief Creative Officer, Grey Group, says.

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