Confronting the idea of ”safe” drinking during pregnancy

FASD is the most common form of preventable brain injury in babies. But despite the fact that one in 20 children in the US has the disease, everyone has wildly different opinions on what amount of alcohol is “safe” to consume while being pregnant. But the truth is that no amount is safe. So, to overcome generations of misinformation and untruths, Proof Alliance has used the one thing they have: proof. 

Proof Alliance and Colle McVoy have made three short films featuring children sharing statements about alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The children, who all suffer from FASD, read from articles, Twitter posts etc. that support the idea of moderate drinking while pregnant. In the end of the film, the truth is revealed: no amount of alcohol is safe to consume during pregnancy. 

But unfortunately, the internet tells something else. Apparently, there are many different opinions to find out there, which is why the organisation has developed three new websites based on the alcohol information people search for on the internet. When expecting mothers are seeking answers on how much they can drink when pregnant, they are directed to “The Pregnancy and Alcohol Calculator” or “No Amount is Safe” site, where the case for not drinking alcohol is presented. The campaign’s landing page is also a useful hub where visitors can learn more about FASD. 

“The problem with drinking alcohol during your pregnancy is that there is no amount that has been proven to be safe,” Dr. Jacques Moritz says on the campaign site launched by Proof Alliance. To support this point, Proof Alliance has created the quiz site “The Pregnancy Alcohol Calculator” that helps you figure out how much alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy – though you can probably guess the answer by now. 

See all the campaign elements here.

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