Goodvertising Awards Couch Conversation With The Creators of “The 2020 Calculator”

The creators of “The 2020 Calculator” Mathias Wikstrom (CEO, Doconomy) and Johan Phil (Executive Creative Director, The Farm) have achieved a remarkable feat in creating a system that makes one “put your money where your mouth is”. It is not easy to achieve that with most things in life, much less with personal climate commitments and yet this duo have, considerably!

Through well-thought and detailed consideration, the fintech mavericks of Doconomy have partnered with Mastercard to create a credit card that tallies the carbon footprint of each good or service purchased and limits one’s spending accordingly. Their initiative is not just exceptional because they had the courage to create this world-first, it’s exceptional because it’s a tangible, well-packaged solution that gives measurable results, whilst striking the ethical chord of putting us in the position of being able to make a difference in protecting our planet, daily.


Watch their insightful “Couch Conversation” with Goodvertising Awards Jury Chairman, Thomas Kolster. It’s difficult to not be inspired by their work:




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