Fairtrade shows how climate change is a threat to cocoa trees

A melting chocolate snowy owl, monkey, African elephant and frog symbolise the earth’s heating-up and its effect on the environment. The animals were selected because they represent the fate of all wildlife as a result of climate change. In Finland, the snowy owl is extremely endangered because of climate change. Frogs all over the world are suffering, but it’s particularly poignant in Ghana, which is the world’s second-biggest cocoa producer. The African elephant will have a hard time due to the changing environment, and the real threat of extinction would also “speed up the climate crisis”. Monkeys in South America are vulnerable and face an “elevated risk of extinction”.

According to Fairtrade Finland, chocolate as we know it may disappear, or become a rare luxury treat, by 2050 because of predictions that rising global temperatures will affect cocoa crops. Buying Fairtrade certified chocolate has a positive impact on the environment as it supports producers with tools and practices to adapt. When producers certified as Fairtrade, they commit to environmental standards that protect the local ecosystem. 

Chocogeddon has gained media attention all over Europe. Talk value was evident during the campaign week as many influencers reacted, shared, and discussed the campaign messaging and challenged big brands to certify their products.

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