#CoffeeAndGoodvertising with Marco Salvador

At Reinvention 2019, Ecuador, Thomas Kolster met Marco Salvador, Associate Creative Director at MullenLowe Group, who shared about their most recent goodvertising work.

Cheering Cup: A 3D trophy made with live data of the cheering of 50.000 fans who attended Liga de Quito’s stadium. This is the only Ecuadorian football club that has won all the international titles in South America and this was an opportunity for the fans to demonstrate their passion for their favourite team.  

The Non Divisional Match:  In Ecuador, there are 2 regions dividing the country, Costa and Sierra. This rivalry, dates back to more than 200 years ago; since Guayaquil (Main Port City)and Quito (Financial Center) both disputed to be the capital of Ecuador. However, at the kick-off time, the players removed the centerfield line demonstrating to the world and the country that there are no divisions.

Cruzloma Handcrafted Gin: It is a new alternative for Ecuadorian and international consumers, quality, history and packaging. A product of the middle of the world and its favorable location.  0º 0′ 0” . Its recipe is made up of spices from Europe, Asia, America and the Ecuadorian Amazonian region. At first glance, the bottle and its screen-printed label is what draws your attention the most, but what really distinguishes this product from the rest is the use of Amazonian spices such as and guayusa.

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