Black Friday: Most Important Savings

Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and buyers flock to stores, jam websites, and lose their heads a little to get the best deals before everything is sold out. Vivo Barefoot is a popular footwear brand having their own Black Friday initiative – with a really great twist.

ReVivo is a resale initiative that encourages their customers who are done with their Vivos to send the shoes back to the manufacturers to be reconditioned and sold as new. ReVivo has already repaired 31,000 pairs of Vivos and 19,000 pairs have found new feet.

The point? To minimise contributions to the global waste mountain.

Collectively, the footwear industry creates billions of products every year – and many end up in landfill.

ReVivo aims to start a trend to encourage other footwear brands to follow suit. The brand concludes their ReVivo message with: “Messes need messing with – and we always take action, feet first.”

Something you may not have known is that Vivo Barefoot could be found at this year’s COP26! “Nature is economics – and if humans can’t find balance with our natural world, we’ll destroy it, and ourselves.” – A spokesperson from Vivo Barefoot states.

Vivo believes in trading in ways the respect the interconnection of all creatures that create our world.

This Black Friday, consider giving as much as you’re getting and think sustainability. Check out their stock here.


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