Beautify your city

Illegal dumping is a major problem in Auckland’s central city, which can leave the streets littered, messy and rather unappealing. This isn’t exactly promoting the Clean Green New Zealand reputation every New Zealander is so very proud of. The Agency came up with an innovative idea to not only educate the surrounding businesses on correct rubbish disposal – but also help ‘Beautify Auckland city at the same time. The Agency found a way to disguise rubbish by turning ordinary rubbish bags into interesting and beautifully designed green Hedge and Pansy like bags, which when placed roadside next to each other, looked just like nice bushy hedges.

5,000 kits were distributed to the business owners containing educational material on correct rubbish disposal and a total of 100,000 rubbish bags for them to use. The agency accounts an impressive 92% drop in illegal rubbish dumping for the duration of the campaign.

Video case:


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