Adopt a Keg- No joke, it’s an important thing

When you hear “adopt a keg”, you’re likely to be thinking- “Hey, these guys and gals at Goodvertsing have too much fun for their own good!” Be that as it may 🙂 adopting a keg is a thing and there’s a good reason for it. COVID 19 restrictions have saved lives, but they’ve also killed businesses. Bars and restaurants, alongside whole linked value chains, have either been in a state of financial crisis or have had to shut down altogether. But there’s something we can do about it: adopt a lonely keg. Seriously… look at the poor thing!


How it works: Register with Carlsberg (for the record, they’re not paying us to say this), buy 4 beers and scan the barcodes to fill your virtual keg. Then exchange your virtual keg for real beer, in a real bar as soon as bars are able to reopen. Simple!


Watch Carlsberg Denmark’s campaign by Grey Europe and see if you can do something to support bars and restaurants in your community. After all, when the coronavirus pandemic has been tamed, we’ll all want to have a pub or restaurant to visit- so let’s give them a boost to stay running while we still can:




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