Ad from Refuge puts twist on ”Hide and Seek”

Created by BBH London, the short film’s aim is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and how it affects many women and children who live in daily fear of violence and abuse in their own homes. Domestic abuse is the biggest issue affecting women and children in our society today, affecting one in four women and around 800,000 children every year. In order to raise awareness on this insidious life and death issue, Refuge has partnered with Picturehouse to run a powerful 60 second short film across its 25 Picturehouse cinemas nationwide.

The “Hide and Seek” film highlights domestic abuse witnessed and experienced by children in the home. In the short film, a little boy is seen playing hide and seek, counting and with his hands covering his eyes. As the film unfolds the viewer hears the sound of shouting in the background. It’s soon obvious that the child is not actually playing hide and seek for fun, but trying to escape his abusive father. In the end of the film, we see the boy and his mum safe in a refuge, free to play hide and seek. 

Commenting on this powerful new campaign, Sandra Horley, Refuge’s chief executive, said: “Never before in Refuge’s history has such a major campaign been launched (…) with one in four women experiencing the issue and two women a week being killed by a current or former partner, I have no doubt that the impact of this campaign will save and change many lives.”

Adding to this, Clare Binns, managing director of Picturehouse Cinema said: “Seeing the work Refuge does and the transformative effect the services have on people’s lives makes this a charity we’re proud to be working with. Using our growing family of cinemas, we can raise huge awareness and much-needed funds for the important work Refuge does. We can’t wait to get started.”

The “Hide and Seek” short film can be seen on Picturehouse’s and Refuge’s social media channels. 

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