A New Superpower is Rising in the Pacific

We live in a dangerous time.

A country 5 times larger than North Korea is amassing the greatest chemical threat ever known.

Yet its aggressive expansion is being ignored. Governments refuse sanctions, and leading corporates continue to profit from it.

The battle for the Pacific has already been lost. But this is just the start. Expanding its borders with the plastics we throw away, threatens the entire planet.

This is Wasteland.

There must be something in the water… Well, there is. It’s in 83% of our drinking water, and 90% bottled water. It’s toxic, and it’s threatening our coastlines, marine life, the nature we depend on for our own lives.

Teaming with Saatchi, British grassroots organisation Surfers Against Sewage have been continually campaigning against single use plastics, now fighting for a bottle return scheme in the UK.

The UN are urging for a global reduction of plastic pollution in the marine environment, from local and national initiatives to an urgent, coordinated international effort.

“As individuals and communities, we’ve never had so many opportunities to respond,” said Tagholm, CEO. It starts with ourselves. Start using less plastic, and support the change here.


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