The Soap with a Lump by Wunderman Thompson

Unilever-owned India soapmaker Lux has come up with a simple idea to alert women to the importance of breast examination.

In Western countries, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases affecting women of all ages. Early detection can help save women’s lives and greatly increase the chance of recovery if caught before the disease has a chance to spread.

To get women to change their behaviour and regularly look for irregularities, ‘The Soap with a Lump’ has a visible lump that reminds women to check their breasts every time they bathe, because according to research behind the campaign, 75% of Indian women shy away from self-examination.

The soap is created by Wunderman Thompson, which collaborated with technical experts, designers, soap manufacturers and a leading oncologist on the design.

While the distinctive bar dissolves over time, the lump does not – ensuring the lump stays as a reminder until the bar runs out.

The soap was presented at the breast cancer screening camp conducted by the Indian Cancer Society.

Discussing the initiative, Samir Singh, executive vice-president global skin cleansing at Unilever said: “This initiative is personal. Everything about it and the people involved in bringing it to life – across Unilever/Lux, Wunderman Thompson and the Indian Cancer Society is personal and done with the sole objective of increasing awareness about breast cancer.”

Adding to this, Wunderman Thompson South Asia’s regional creative director Tista Sen said: “A human truth is what drives a simple idea, and this is amply evident in the Soap with a Lump. Women are alone in the shower when they are bathing, and this is an ideal moment to alert her to check her breasts for any abnormality.”

In 2020 Thomas Kolster was part of the jury at D&AD Impact Awards. This campaign was awarded with a Graphite Pencil.

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