The Danish Cancer Society takes a new approach to prevent sunburn

Since 2017, both The Danish Cancer Society and safety nonprofit TrygFonden have been working with &Co to change these rates by educating the Danes about the importance of protecting themselves in the sun.

Through a platform called “Help a Dane” the agency has created a number of campaigns that encourage Danish people to be more careful when going on holiday to southern countries. 

In this new initiative, the points are highlighted by using humour in the short film. In the film, set in the popular vacation destination Mallorca, a local Spanish boy explains how sunburned children are so boring to play with. We see a small Danish boy who is terribly sunburned while the Spanish boy is talking about how they’re no fun to play with after they’ve spent too much time in the sun.

“Using humor to tackle an urgent situation was a conscious strategy,”Ole Hoffmann, &Co art director, says. “Most people generally don’t like being told what to do but Danes possess an admirable ability to laugh at themselves. The humorous nature of the campaign allows us hold up a mirror to the Danes and show them how ridiculous it is to neglect sun protection. It’s an urgent reminder that invites them to play along and poke fun at themselves. And, crucially, no Danes got sunburned in the making of this spot.”

The initiative leverages 12.000 “Help a Dane ambassadors” worldwide from the previous campaign. In addition, over the next few weeks, families leaving Copenhagen Airport will be sent off with a goodie bag to help Small Danes to stay sun safe.

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