Philanthropist Melinda Gates launches “Equality can’t wait” campaign

In a video to promote the campaign, the comedians like Sarah Silverman, Ilana Glazer, John Mulaney, Uzo Aduba and Carol Burnett talk about the fact that we’re now having to wait so long to face gender equality. 

“I don’t know, 208 years isn’t that long. If you’re one of those big fucking turtles that lives forever,” John Mulaney says in one of the videos. 

But after a few rounds of ironic one-liners, the comedians get serious. Ilina Glazer, for example, talks about how she was treated at her former job after filing a sexual harassment complaint.

Uzo Aduba points out that “No one that exists on this planet right now as a woman will experience [gender equality].” 

The gender gap refers to economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival and political empowerment. 

“Equality Can’t Wait” is released in a time where there’s a lot of attention around gender dynamics. Movements #MeToo and #TimesUp are examples of how gender equality is a topic where the attention has been increased the past years. 

These comedians, actors and other participants in the video campaign joined in the effort to urge people to action and increase the focus of the need for gender equality in our lifetime.

Because, as Carol Burnett says it in the video: “Two hundred and eight years is no joke.”

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