Mind the Pay Gap

Does the term ‘Gender Pay Gap’ ring a bell? Differentiated prices on BVG, who run Berlin’s public transport, recently highlighted the gender pay gap through the introduction of the ‘Frauenticket’: a ticket that cost €5.50 rather than the standard €7 – approximately 21% less, which is the average amount women in Germany earn less than men.

While the ticket was only available and valid for one day, the campaign has garnered widespread media attention and sparked conversations about the fairness of….making men pay more than women: “Of course the action is unfair,” said spokeswoman Petra Nelken. “But it’s just as unfair not to pay women equally.”

“With the campaign, we also call on women to apply for jobs with us,” said Ms. Nikutta – the first woman to run the BVG and the first leader to make it profitable.

Happy Equal Pay Day, Germany! Let’s all mind the gender pay gap and close it, yeah?

Read about the campaign on the BVG website here.

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