Lifebuoy – Help A Child Reach 5

2.1 million children die from deadly yet preventable diseases like diarrhoea every year. With Lifebuoy soap and a touching campaign to ‘Help A Child Reach 5’, Unilever has set out to change these statistics and save lives through handwashing once and for all.


Resulted in an overwhelming drop of diarrhoea incidences from 35 % to 5 % in the first village it was released in. The campaign was ranked #4 in the ‘Warc 100: The world’s best marketing campaigns’ in 2015. Since 2010 Lifebuoy has changed the handwashing behaviours of 337 million people across 28 countries, the aim is 1 billion by 2020.

Video Case:

Chamki (how important it is for mothers to wash hands during the first 28 days of a childs life):

Gondappa (how big a deal it is for children to turn 5):

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