Controversy & creativity to make change

We’re with Lanre Adisa, Chief Creative Officer of the lively Arknimals at multiple award winning Noah’s Ark Communications!

Built on the core values of compassion, courage, curiosity, candor and camaraderie, these guys throw their whole hearts into their work and have some really inspiring and impactful campaigns to share.

We discuss the nature of the Nigerian market at large, and what brands would be wise to do in order to succeed there, and across the world

We cover some incredibly impactful, sometimes controversial campaigns including their reaction to the Boko Haram kidnappings in which hundreds of girls were held by IS soldiers. Here is what they did to sensitise people to the atrocious event.

And The Unstoppables: the Paralympic heroes encouraging everyone to push themselves to their peak!


Take a look at their work/ website – you’re sure to be inspired.




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