Campaign imagines a world where both sexes have periods and how it would change our culture

Created by BBDO New York and directed by Rachel McDonald via Biscuit Filmworks, the film shows men in different but common situations that women often face during their periods, such as leaving a stain on bedsheets or accidentally dropping pads or tampons. The film ends with the line, “If we all had periods, would we be more comfortable talking about them?”

“People with periods are taught from a young age that one of our body’s natural processes is something to be ashamed of, and something we should go to great lengths to conceal,” Maria Molland, CEO of Thinx, says.
“We’re taught to hide our period products in our sleeves on the way to the restroom, and constantly check our clothes for any leaks or stains. In fact, 80% of teens report a negative association with periods, and say they are gross or unsanitary.”

Furthermore, Mollan comments: “Would we be able to talk openly about them (periods), without shame? Half the population does have a period, and we want to broaden the conversation to everyone, no period required.”

The campaign comes as feminine hygiene brands have become increasingly open about periods in their advertising. BBDO New York’s sister agency, AMV BBDO in London, has been a leader in challenging norms around women’s issues in recent years with the clients Bodyform and Libresse. AMV BBDO’s #BloodNormal campaign launched by Libresse won a Cannes Glass Lion and was the first ad to show red blood instead of the blue liquid used in the past. The brand’s follow-up “Viva La Vulva” campaign won a coveted Black Pencil at this year’s D&AD Awards. 

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