Buffering symbol changed to fight against breast cancer

Women in India spend twice as many hours as men, watching content online. But given the data speeds on mobile devices in India, there is evidently some downtime while watching video content. In fact, ALTBalaji’s subscribers stare at the buffering symbol for an average of 18 seconds per episode. Which means, their entire women subscriber base of 1.2 million stares at the buffering symbol for approximately 360,000 minutes a day.

To encourage their women subscribers to perform a simple 2 minute breast self-examination regularly, Grey India has created a symbol called “Breast Buffer” – a reminder that pops up while their favourite video is buffering. Usually, this buffer is a moment of irritation, but I this case it will be turned into a reminder that women should check their breasts to – best possible – prevent breast cancer. 

Divya Dixit, Senior VP and Head of Marketing at ALTBalaji, says: “At ALTBalaji, we strongly believe in empowering women, which also reflects in our stories that speak about strong female characters. As a platform, we have an important role to play in emancipating women by increasing awareness about breast cancer and its implications. The Breast Buffer symbol will be a gentle reminder to our female viewers and their loved ones. Through such initiatives, ALTBalaji aims to contribute to the society in a meaningful manner, break social barriers and foster positive conversations around a topic that has been taboo for too long.”

ALTBalaji hopes this initiative will encourage women to never miss the breast self-exam – just like the way they never will miss their favourite shows.

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