Momondo: let’s open our world

Momondo just launched their newest purpose initiative which is a part of the “Let’s Open Our World” purpose platform. And you probably remember the DNA journey campaign from the “Let’s Open Our World” concept. The aim of this new campaign is to spark conversations and actions for a more open and diverse world.

In 2019, Momondo’s global Value of Traveling study found that 49% believe people are less tolerant toward other cultures than five years ago. Yet the majority also believe that it’s up to the people to increase tolerance and respect and that we need to stand closer together to solve the challenges of the future. 

Based on these insights, Momondo sent out an invitation for an initiative that would show that people from across the globe are ready to commit to bringing the world together. This initiative is called “The World Piece.”

“The World Piece” is a film that asks “How far would you go to bring the world together?” 61 strangers from all over the world offer their bodies as a canvas to send a message to the world that there’s more uniting us than dividing. All it takes is an open heart and mind — and the courage to connect as human beings across cultures and borders.

“The World Piece” is a global message stating that as long as we dare to connect, the world can’t fall apart. But it’s also an individual journey for the participants, who did dare to share their beliefs and connect with people from all over the world — creating lifelong friendships across borders and cultures.

Read more about the initiative and the participants here.

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